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What is an abstract?

An abstract is a history book about a piece of property that includes all the instruments that affect it. The instruments are then arranged in logical order beginning with the original Allotment Deed or Homestead Deed, and showing all subsequent recordings, including instruments such as deeds, mortgages, liens, judgments, bankruptcies, divorces, quiet title suits and unpaid taxes. (Oklahoma’s higher standards for property research are important.Click here to learn more.)

In order to determine whether title is clear, an attorney must examine, or “read,” it. Under Oklahoma law, an abstract is valid for examination by an attorney only if it has been updated by a licensed, bonded abstract company (§ 74 Section 227.10 et seq.). A valid abstract must also have a seal affixed to it. Every valid abstract will have a tax report showing ad valorem taxes, personal taxes and special assessments, if any. Each time an abstract is updated, a new certificate page – which shows a legal description of the property, names of parties checked and the time period of the current certification – will be added.

What is title insurance?
Title insurance is coverage for risks or hazards that may exist in every real estate transaction. Title insurance policies are purchased with a one-time fee, typically charged at the time you close on the property. Get peace of mind that your largest investment is protected by purchasing a title insurance policy from one of our two nationally-known underwriters, Old Republic Title Insurance and First American Title Insurance.
What type of title insurance do I need?

There are three types of title policies. The first one is the owner’s policy, which the buyer would need for his or her personal protection. The second one is the lender’s policy, which protects the lender’s interest in the property, which normally ends when a mortgage is paid off. A majority of the lending institutions require a lender’s policy for each real estate loan. The third type of policy is the leasehold policy. This type of policy is typically used by commercial or industrial entities that lease property on a long-term basis.

How is title insurance different from other types of insurance?

Title insurance protects the insured from unknown, undiscovered events that happened in the past, whereas other insurances cover potential future events. Title insurance is also transferable. If property is passed down or willed to an heir, a title insurance policy is still valid in most cases.

Do you offer closing or settlement services? Can you hold money in Escrow for me?

Through our sister company, OLT Real Estate Closing Services, we do provide escrow and closing services for residential and commercial properties, and 1031 real estate exchanges. Visit their site for more information. 

FAQ | Okmulgee Land Title
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  • ABSTRACTOR – A person licensed by the Oklahoma Abstractors Board to work in an abstract plant. Abstractors are educated in the complexities of arranging abstracts and must pass a test to be authorized to perform the duties of an employee of an abstract company.
  • ​​ABSTRACT – An accumulation of all of the documents that are indexed against a precise piece of property and all of the parties in title thereto. Abstracts are arranged in logical, not chronological, order.
  • ​COMPLETE ABSTRACT – Contains every document recorded from inception of title at statehood (or Indian allotment) to the present.
  • SUPPLEMENTAL ABSTRACT – Contains only documents recorded from a certain time period, typically the last date of another abstract covering the property. A supplemental abstract can also be prepared when an attorney’s title opinion is available to use as reference.
  • ABSTRACT EXTENSION – The update of a previously-existing abstract to include all documents from the date of last certification to the present.
  • FINAL ABSTRACTING – The extension of an abstract which has been certified within the last 180 days. This type of abstract update is usually requested immediately after closing takes place for issuance of title insurance in the name of the new owner(s).
  • RECERTIFICATION OF AN ABSTRACT – Typically requested when an abstract does not cover a sufficient amount of land and an owner desires to add more land to an abstract. Because of the complexities involved, Okmulgee Land Title will perform this type of work only if the most recent certification of an abstract is less than five years ago.
  • FINAL TITLE REPORT – Offered as an alternative to final abstracting for issuance of Title Insurance. Certain legal firms or lenders prefer this type of report over final abstracting.
  • TITLE SEARCH – For informational and/or research purposes only. These reports are not certified or arranged as an abstract would be, and they do not give a buyer or lender any sort of guarantee for insurance purposes. Title Reports generated by Okmulgee Land Title cover a maximum of 10 years.
FAQ | Okmulgee Land Title
Okmulgee Land Title | Old-fashioned photo